Complexities in Oracle Database Administration and How to Resolve them

Oracle Database Administration

Databases are the vital aspects of any application upon which its performance depends. And Oracle enterprise database administration can be one of the most tiring and sweat-inspiring tasks owing to the high complexities in database management. DBAs Oracle (Database Administrators) are constantly under intense pressure for making your applications run with minimum downtime errors and with optimum functionality. According to a recent SolarWinds survey, an average DBA Oracle is expected to resolve major downtime issues within 1 hour of their working by 67% of end users. Further Gleanster research has reported that 88% of IT professionals believe that the DBAs are responsible for any challenge in an app’s performance.

Owing to the constant increment in the size range of databases the DBA experts also face various challenges with the administration of larger systems. Another challenge is the constant mutation in the Oracle configuration that can be resolved by employing skilled remote DBA experts.

Some Common Oracle Database Administration Challenges as solved by our experts are –

1)    Copying Oracle Datafiles Between Linux and Windows Servers

You can easily copy Oracle datafiles between Linux and Windows server as they have the same Endian Value. While copying Oracle database between two platforms you have to make sure that the Endian Value of both the platforms on which the operation is performed is same. The Endian Values are of two types – Big Endian and Little Endian.

Big Endian is in the order when the most significant byte comes first.

Little Endian is in the order when the least significant byte comes first.

2)    When are Oracle Storage Parameters Ignored?

Most Oracle DBAs are aware of this challenge but are not able to point out the reasons of ignorance of standard table and index storage parameters by Oracle storage features. As according to our expert, Oracle contains a list of parameters which define the handling of various datablocks in the database.

The Automated Segment Space Management (ASSM) and Locally Manged Tablespaces are two parameters, which when enabled cause the ignorance of some storage parameters like

  • PCTFREE – It is a block storage parameter that refers to the free space that should be left in a database block for any updates by Oracle. It can be referred to as the minimum amount of space required for any new row entries.

Default Value – PCTFREE=10

PCTFREE parameter depends on the process of Index creation and is ignored in the case of completion of index creation.

  • PCTUSED – Is is the storage parameter that signifies there is free space remaining in the database block for its addition to the free list. It can be referred to as the maximum amount of used space until which new rows can be added to the block list by Oracle.

Default Value – PCTUSED=40

PCTUSED is ignored for the objects created in locally managed tablespaces in case of active Automated Segment Space Management (ASSM).

PCTUSED is ignored and not used for the index as the index node boundaries match the index data box sizes, for which Oracle needs to manage the freelist re-link process.

  • MINEXTENTS– As in dictionary-managed tablespace, it refers to the maximum amount of extents allocated during the creation of a new segment.

It is ignored as Oracle manages extents under locally managed tablespace.

  • INITIAL– It refers to the first extent’s size of an object.

Default Value – size of 5 data blocks

INITIAL is ignored in the case when the Locally managed tablespace is enabled.

Oracle database administration can be a tough task with many constant glitches from time to time as listed above. So we at technology Mindz bring you a cost-effective package for hosting Oracle databases for you. We offer remote DBA experts who work as dedicated Database administrators for you. Technology Mindz is a praised IT service provider that is employed with a team of DBA Oracle experts who lead with their expertise in the field of Oracle database administration. The company provides best-in-class Oracle database administration services and maintenance services to a long list of clients.

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