Oracle Database Maintenance Tips and Importance

Oracle Database Maintenance

A data warehouse in an organization is mainly established with the purpose of storing huge amounts of data. This is a generally a database of a much larger scale and capacity. It is often regularly updated by database administration, but also has to be maintained to ensure the data is up to date, accurate, secure and readily accessible when needed. This maintenance is also done to ensure minimal to zero data loss.

Oracle Database Maintenance

Data in an organization can come in very large amounts and needs to be regulated even though they may find the need to store years and years’ worth of data. This could be over capacity and could mean that some of the existing data have to be removed to create space for the new one coming in. This can be done by moving the necessary data to an Oracle database cloud service or choosing instead to delete it completely. The latter could easily result in numerous errors.

Oracle DBAs and Management

A data warehouse in proper working condition has to have a few routine procedures carried out regularly. Examples include, the deletion of dimension data regularly, clearing logs that are obsolete especially in scenarios where data logs are being written into the system from the front end on a daily basis. Also, Oracle DBAs should regularly review the database settings and size to ensure the workload can easily be supported.

Oracle Database Cloud Service

These are set up to handle the needs of any large organization when it comes to data storage. The data is safe and secure courtesy of the high encryption provided. The database cloud service is elastic enough to accommodate the needs of a growing organization as earlier mentioned. These services are also fast, simple to manage courtesy of automation and can be shared, dedicated or virtualized depending on your preference.

Oracle Application Management

The applications available in an oracle suite are a very wide range. Some of them include: E-business suite, Siebel and even PeopleSoft. These applications are managed effectively. It is the task of Oracle DBAs to manage these applications having had a solid background in business management with the added advantage of sharp accounting skills and IT skills that hone on database management as an area of specialization.

Oracle Apps DBA

An Oracle applications DBA has the task of designing a database appropriately and ensuring that it is fully functional courtesy of their expertise. Their database design skills must be exceptional to ensure maintenance in the future is not a hassle. They should also understand the intricacies of how oracle applications work and are good at monitoring and tuning them appropriately.

Users access the database on a day to day basis and this could make it prone to security issues if they are not properly handled. The data structure may as well have to be changed from time to time to handle the queries being sent by the users. This therefore involves the apps DBA managing the application server software and managing the application layer as outlined in the OSI model. The Oracle DBA on the other hand is responsible for the database layer in reference to the same model.

The Apps DBA must also be an efficient communicator because of having to deal with the end user on a regular basis.

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